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> Lots of the problems are with the free reader, adobe acrobat.  It is
> designed so that the user is kept very much in a straight-jacket which
> is a problem when your Mum needs, for instance, things to be in 36 point
> for her to be able to read things at all because she is nearly blind.

That's not a problem with acrobat. That's not even a "problem" with
PDF itself, it's the whole _intent_ of PDF: to specify _exactly_ what
the document should look like and not allow the reader to muck up the
formatting, fonts, colors, alignment, page size, etc.  It's supposed
to mimic as closely as possible ink on paper: PDF is for when you want
the document to look exactly like you want it to look everwhere and
for everybody.

If you want the reader to be able to change the layout, fonts/sizes,
colors, alignments, page dimensions, etc, then PDF is just plain the
wrong format.  Complaining about a PDF reader not being able to change
the appearance of PDF documents is like complaining that glue is
sticky, oil is slippery, and knives have sharp edges.

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