Can I copy/paste Python code?

Emile van Sebille emile at
Wed Jul 22 00:35:25 CEST 2015

On 7/21/2015 2:47 PM, Grant Edwards wrote:
> On 2015-07-21, Emile van Sebille <emile at> wrote:
>> On 7/21/2015 1:32 PM, Grant Edwards wrote:
>>> But, it apears foxit reader is Windows-only so it's a moot point for
>>> Linux/Unix/Mac users.
>> I've been happy with on linux.
> I'm trying to switch from acroread to evince, bit it has a few serious
> usability problems for me:
>   1) You can't copy/paste text from evince _at_all_.

Hmm, i just copied "Acorsa Artichoke Heart - Quarter, Water, Can" from a 
catalog pdf, so _at_all_ depends on something -- I couldn't copy text 
from scanned documents, but that's to be expected.

>      At least it works
>      right most of the time with acroread.  I really like being able
>      paste example commands or bits of code or a sentance or three

Here's some copied text.

When connecting a DataMan directly to an Ethernet port on a PC, both the 
PC and the
DataMan must be configured for the same subnet. This can be done 
automatically though
Link Local Addressing or you can manually configure your reader and your PC.

>      from
>      PDF docs into a shell or editor window.  Pasting tables is a bit
>      more work, but it can at least be done with acroread.

and a table (heading is screwed up but the data columns look ok):
This also looks like it may be dependent on how the pdf was created as 
when I tried with a different table it wouldn't pick up all the columns 
cleanly.  But I don't have acroreader so I couldn't compare.  And when I 
last worked from the 4060 EDI pdf specs some ten years ago that copying 
most everything was a problem even in acroread -- again, a creation 
dependent issue I suspect.

0x9 Set AcqTriggerEnable BOOL
0xA Set AcqTrigger BOOL
0xB Get AcqStatusRegister BYTE
0xC Set UserData ARRAY of
0xD Set BufferResultsEnable BOOL
0xE Get DecodeStatusRegister BYTE

>   2) You can't print the current view.

I almost never actually print these -- perhaps a page or two for notes 
or reference -- so I haven't hit this issue.

>      I find that invaluable for
>      printing portions of documents (e.g. I want just a section of a C
>      size schematic printed on letter sized paper, or just one table
>      table from a manual sized to fill a 8.5x11 page).  If it did have
>      'print view' then lack of a marquee zoom would become another
>      inconvenience.
>   3) There's no way to collapse-all in the TOC panel.

I see a thumbnails side panel and index I can hide, but no TOC.

>      When I open a
>      1200 page document with 30 sections and several hundred sections
>      and subsections, I don't want to see all of them all of the time.
>      Closing them one at a time by hand is pretty tedious.
> I find that about 20-30% of the time I start up evince, I end up
> closing it and re-opening the document in acroread.

As I don't have acroread, I find the 100% of the time evince suits my needs.

When-all-you-have-is-a-hammer-ly yr's,


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