[OT] Can I copy/paste Python code?

Grant Edwards invalid at invalid.invalid
Thu Jul 23 00:50:55 CEST 2015

On 2015-07-22, Michael Torrie <torriem at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 07/22/2015 01:35 PM, Grant Edwards wrote:
>> That must be using something other than the standard X11 clipboard
>> copy/paste mechnism.  You shouldn't have to "right click copy", and
>> many of the apps I paste into don't even have a "right click paste".
>> It sounds like evince has abandoned the trie-and true X11 clipboard
>> functionality that people have been using for 30 years.

It turns out that select and middle-click _does_ work for evince, but
only if you are "middle clicking" on the same X11 display where evince
is.  I'm not quite sure how they managed to accomplish this, since every
other app I tried handles multiple displays just fine (and I'm pretty
sure they didn't all go to any extra work to do so).

> Sadly, yes.  Gnome has indeed pushed to abandon this.

They do seem to be trying pretty hard to alienate people outside the
Gnome project.

> And the wayland display server also abandons this, though it practice
> it do so by pushing the implementation of such neat shortcuts into
> the toolkit instead of the windowing system, and if the recent past
> is any indication, GTK devs are not going to go out of their way to
> implement middle click paste.  But perhaps someone will release
> patches to add it into the popular GUI toolkits.  The Putty app on
> Windows implements this style of pasting in the app, as an example.
> I could be wrong but I think highlight and middle-click paste is a happy
> accident that became a feature in X.

Could be, but it's a "feature" that's been there for 30 years.  In the
real world we call that a "standard".  :)

> And there could be some application security implications surrounding
> it, which is part of the hesitancy of gnome developers, and wayland
> developers, to carry this feature.

Personally, I think it's all rampant NIH syndrome.  They all think the
fancy new (and incompatible) scheme they cooked up over a few beers
last weekend is better than everything everybody else on the planet
has developed in the past 30 years.

> Though it seems to me Linux desktops are becoming more and more like
> Windows in the ways that drove me to really like X11 desktops.  For
> example, client-side decorations always bugged me in Windows
> especially when an app would freeze and I couldn't move it.


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