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subhabrata.banerji at subhabrata.banerji at
Thu Jul 23 16:20:04 CEST 2015

Dear Group,

I am trying to build one REST framework using Restful Flask. 
To put or get I am trying to use the requests module, as 
given in the following lines.

>>> var2=requests.put('', data={'task': 'It is my challenge'})
>>> var3=requests.get('')

Now I like to search plain as well as Boolean over this Rest.

If I could understand the problem fine, the exercises are given 
in the following URL.

But I am looking for examples with requests. I searched for help with requests 
in, it did not help much.

If anyone of the esteemed members may kindly suggest.

I am using Python2.7+ on Windows 7. Apology for any indentation error. 

Subhabrata Banerjee

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