Python Questions - July 25, 2015

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>I can answer some of these.

Posted by E.D.G.   July 25, 2015

       Thanks for all of the comments.  My retired professional programming 
colleague is now going to have plenty of projects to work on.  I myself am 
neither retired nor a professional programmer and usually rely on him to do 
the programming language exploration work.

       Most of those "system," "Pipe", and "SendKey" type commands usually 
refer to programs that are going to be running in a Windows environment. 
And many or most of the experienced programmers who are using Perl, Python, 
or Fortran appear to me to be using UNIX or Linux.  So they might not be 
familiar with some Windows related commands such as "system."  It took me a 
long, long time to learn how to get the Perl versions of those commands to 



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