Python Questions - July 25, 2015

Laura Creighton lac at
Sat Jul 25 15:59:22 CEST 2015

>Another question:
>       With my Perl programs, when I want to run the programs on a new 
>computer or even from a flash drive, basically all I do is copy an entire 
>existing Perl program directory to the new computer or flash drive.  And 
>that works.  However, to make certain that it will work I might also 
>actually install the Perl language program, delete everything in the Perl 
>directory, and then copy all of the contents of an existing Perl directory 
>to that new Perl directory.  That way all of the various Perl modules don't 
>have to be individually downloaded and linked with the main program.
>       Will that work with Python as well.  Or does each installation need 
>to be created from scratch?

The most common way to do things is to tell your users to install
whatever python distribution you pick and then optionally
install these extra packages (if you need any) and then give them a python
program to run.

But you can also package everything up into a .exe for them if they
need this.


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