Python Questions - July 25, 2015

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 > Am I the only person thinking Troll?

Posted by E.D.G.   July 26, 2015

       In my opinion, one of the most important aspects in considering the 
selection of a new programming language is the willingness of people posting 
notes to the language's newsgroup to be friendly and cooperative.  And in 
that regard, I have found the Fortran people to be the best.  I never 
encountered an unfriendly note in that newsgroup.  Unfortunately, Fortran 
just "ran out of steam" when it came to Windows applications.

       As far as I can recall, yours is only the second time I have 
encountered a Python newsgroup note that, in my opinion, did not have a 
friendly tone to it.  And if that appears to be the general case here then 
all of the people with whom I work will just dump Python as a language to 

       The Perl newsgroup is yet another matter.  And we have all largely 
decided to abandon Perl as the language of choice because it has seemed to 
be so difficult to get any help in that newsgroup.



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