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       There is an additional comment for people who are interested in 
scientific programming efforts.

       Most people are aware that when the U.S. Government tried to get a 
Web site running in connection with the Affordable Care Act a while ago, the 
government Web site crashed.

       One of the major problems with government programming efforts appears 
to me to be the fact that people working in different government agencies 
are often using different programming languages.  And those people don't 
communicate with one another.  The results are inefficiency.

      To demonstrate that the programming effort I am discussing is quite 
serious I am providing the following indirect link.  This is for a proposed 
effort to get as many government scientists etc. as possible connected with 
one another and moving in the same direction at the same time.

       If that type of program does eventually get created then the 
government scientists are still going to want some computer language that 
they can all work with.  And an important question at this time is, "Might 
one of the languages of choice be Python?"



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