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>> Am I the only person thinking Troll?
> Yes.

Posted by E.D.G.   July 26, 2015

       With some humor intended, thanks for the supportive note.

       This is an indirect URL for a potentially important computer program 
that I feel needs to be developed.  Unfortunately, although Python could be 
used to create PC or Mac versions of the program I don't think that those 
programs would run on Internet server computers.  But I don't yet know 
enough about Python to be able to tell if that is the case or not.

       There are two Perl programs that I have developed that I believe many 
Python users would like to have available in Python versions.  And at some 
point I might create a Web page that will discuss them in detail.  For the 
moment I have just made the decision to combine them into a single program 
that would be quite helpful for the scientific community.  People don't 
actually even need my assistance with developing these types of programs. 
Some versions are likely already available for free.

       The first program can do things such as automatically go to a Web 
site that provides weather information for example, feed information to the 
Web page program running at that site, wait for the results, copy them to a 
PC or Mac, and start processing the data.  It is a tremendously powerful and 
versatile program that can save scientists etc. large amounts of time by 
helping them automate repetitive tasks that take a lot of time if done 
manually.  Microsoft at one time had a Windows program available that did 
things like that.  I seem to remember that it was called "Recorder."  My own 
Perl version of the program is many times more powerful.

       The second program acts as a type of universal communicator for 
Windows programs.  It would actually work with any operating system.

       Running in the background it can start, stop, and interact with any 
Windows compatible programs such as other Perl programs, Notepad.exe, Excel, 
Fortran, Python undoubtedly, and also execute DOS shell commands etc.  With 
word processor programs and spreadsheet programs like Excel it makes life 
much easier as a person needs to learn how to program in only one language 
to get things done instead of all of those individual macro languages.



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