Using requests with an Authorization header?

dieter dieter at
Wed Jul 29 08:01:54 CEST 2015

devnzyme1 at writes:

> Has anyone ever used an authorization header with the requests library?  I tried using:
>>>> from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth
>>>> requests.get('', auth=HTTPBasicAuth('user', 'pass')
> from their docs online but that's not working and I don't see anything about authorization headers

We are using it like this (successfully):, data=data, params=params,
              auth=(user, passwd), timeout=timeout,
              verify=verify, headers=jsonHeaders,

i.e. "user" and "password" are not wrapped into an "HTTPBasicAuth"
but directly passed as tuple. However, I expect that
it would also work with an "HTTPBasicAuth" wrapping.

Note that you must pass the real username and password, not
the literals "'user'" and "'pass'".

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