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Martin Spasov suburb4nfilth at
Wed Jul 29 20:27:48 CEST 2015


i have been learning python for the past year and i did a few projects. Now i want to step up my game a bit and i want to build a real estate app . Its not going to be commercially released, its just for learning. My idea is the following, the app can have 2 types of users - brokers that would be able to add, remove and edit properties and clients that would be able to search and view different properties and send messages that the broker would be able to answer through the app. Its not said that i would do all of that in one go, its just the plan. Until now all my projects used shelve as my database, so everything was in memory and there was no need to share the data between users. 

For example > User A has his own notes , User B has his own notes and so on.

Now i want there to be global database and when a broker updates a property i want to update the database so when a user requests the said property it would be updated.

What i think i could do is write a socketserver and keep the data in the socket server object. then define a protocol and send the data when it is requested.

Or i could use a database like MySQL with ORM like SQLAlchemy and then query the database from the server object. If i do that i would still need to come up with some sort of protocol to know what to query. 

Can you please give me ur 2 cents, i know that i haven't explained myself very clearly and I am sorry about that. Please ask if there is something unclear.

Thank you.

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