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On Wed, 29 Jul 2015 11:27:48 -0700, Martin Spasov wrote:

> Hello,
> i have been learning python for the past year and i did a few projects.
> Now i want to step up my game a bit and i want to build a real estate
> app . Its not going to be commercially released, its just for learning.
> My idea is the following, the app can have 2 types of users - brokers
> that would be able to add, remove and edit properties and clients that
> would be able to search and view different properties and send messages
> that the broker would be able to answer through the app. Its not said
> that i would do all of that in one go, its just the plan. Until now all
> my projects used shelve as my database, so everything was in memory and
> there was no need to share the data between users.
> For example > User A has his own notes , User B has his own notes and so
> on.
> Now i want there to be global database and when a broker updates a
> property i want to update the database so when a user requests the said
> property it would be updated.
> What i think i could do is write a socketserver and keep the data in the
> socket server object. then define a protocol and send the data when it
> is requested.
> Or i could use a database like MySQL with ORM like SQLAlchemy and then
> query the database from the server object. If i do that i would still
> need to come up with some sort of protocol to know what to query.
> Can you please give me ur 2 cents, i know that i haven't explained
> myself very clearly and I am sorry about that. Please ask if there is
> something unclear.
> Thank you.

Personally i would suggest this would be best served a a web app, then 
the DB can reside on the server & no transfer protocol would be req.
the app could still be written in python using the WSGI interface.

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