John McKenzie davros at bellaliant.net
Wed Sep 2 20:50:36 CEST 2015

 Hakugin: Thanks for the correction. Someone elsewhere showed me example 
code that was very close to yours, with that being the main difference. 
His gave an error message that red_button was undefined so I moved the 
code block below the callbacks. After that it ran without producing 
errors but it was unresponsive. Will try your updated version tomorrow 
and will keep fiddling with his.

 Thank you all for warning me about debouncing. The RPi.GPIO library has 
built in debouncing. You can even adjust the timing of it.

 Turns out I got one thing right. Someone who knows better than I 
explained that GPIO.Cleanup() does go at the bottom and outside the def 
exit_handler() code block like I had it originally.

 Johannes: Thanks for sharing that. I will take a look at it when I have 
more time. Must head to the hospital for my treatment in a few minutes.

>Are you still calling GPIO.add_event_detect in a while loop?

 MRAB, apparently yes. Hakugin noticed and update his example code.

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