Need Help w. PIP!

eryksun eryksun at
Sat Sep 5 08:30:23 CEST 2015

On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 10:07 PM, Steve Burrus <steveburrus28 at> wrote:
> well everyone there must be sometjhing about upgrading Python up to version 3.5 rc
> because everything works just fine now, beyond my wildest dreams! I am even able
> now to type in "pip" and get the usual info. on it and I have connected to the Django
> server and configured the admin so thanx for eveyone who tried to help me.

I just tested running pip.exe on a VM with Windows 10, build 10074. It
surprised me that it worked, so I checked the source code of Vinay's
[simple launcher][1]. Apparently the simpler launcher merely asserts
that creating the job object succeeds, so it will only fail in a debug
build. (See run_child in launcher.c). Depending on the nature of the
script it could be confusing if there's no job object and the launcher
gets killed. This leaves python.exe and the shell competing for
console input. That said, it shouldn't really matter for a simple
program such as pip.

But the full py.exe launcher used by Python always fails if creating
the job object doesn't succeed. (Oddly, it doesn't fail if *assigning*
the child to the job fails; I guess because Windows 7 lacks support
for job hierarchies, but still, it makes no sense to care about
creating something that you don't care about using.) So for build
10074 of Windows 10, ensure the filetypes for .py and .pyw scripts
(installed as Python.File and Python.NoConFile) run python.exe and
pythonw.exe instead of py.exe and pyw.exe. Otherwise you won't be able
to run scripts directly at the command prompt or by double clicking
them in Explorer.


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