Program in or into (was Python handles globals badly)

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Sun Sep 6 07:26:43 CEST 2015

Steven D'Aprano <steve at> writes:

> That depends. Is the example C# code idiomatic for the language?

Not in the least. My first clue was Int32 - nobody actually uses those

> Or was it
> written by somebody ignorant of C#, and consequently is a poor example of
> badly-written and unidiomatic "Java in C#"?
> If the first, then I expect I would write the C# code, because it is
> idiomatic and works. What would you do?
> It is certainly true that C# appears to be a more verbose language than
> Python. Based on this example, it prefers to use classes with methods
> rather than stand-alone functions,

You certainly need to put methods in a class, but it's absurd that they
made it an actual instantiable class with instance properties for the
variables they required for sorting, rather than there being a class
that's just there as a container for the functions. I wouldn't do that
in Java, either.

They also gave it features a lot of the shorter versions on the page
don't have; the ability to fall back to insertion sort for short lists,
and the ability to tune exactly how it does that, and how many
subsequences to sort and merge.

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