Can anyone help me run python scripts with http.server?

Laura Creighton lac at
Sun Sep 6 14:15:39 CEST 2015

In a message of Sun, 06 Sep 2015 04:50:23 -0700, at wr
>Hello everyone,
>I want to use python for web development but I
>could not configure my Apache server to run python
>with the guides I found on the internet.
>Can anyone help me configure http.server
>to run python scripts?
>I ran the command python -m http.server --cgi to start the http server,
>and if I put index.html, I will see the page but if I use
>, it doesn't show the page, I can only see the
>directory listing of the files and when I click on 
>, it doesn't run the code, I can see it just
>like in the editor.
>Can anyone help me out?
>Thanks in advance.

What operating system are you running?  It sounds to me as if you haven't
configured apache to add a Handler for python scripts, or you have, but
forgot to restart apache after you did so.


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