Trying pmw with python3: Lots of crashes!

Laura Creighton lac at
Sun Sep 6 21:27:24 CEST 2015

In a message of Sun, 06 Sep 2015 19:47:25 +0100, Paulo da Silva writes:
>I took a look at tkinter. It is pretty simple but it's very hard to
>construct some relatively more complex widgets.
>So I looked at pmw.
>Because my system only have pmw for python2, I downloaded pmw2 from its
>site and installed it manually using install.
>Trying the examples ...:
>Some run fine.
>Some just segfault!
>Others crash with the folloing message:
>	"No such Pmw version 'on3-pmw-doc'. Using default version '2.0.0'"
>Is there anybody using pmw who can explain possible reasons for this?
>Should I use it for small apps that need:
>	1 or more canvas scrollable windows?
>	1 scrollable list with several (few) column editable fields?
>Do I need to go to more complex system like wxwidgets or pyside (QT)?
>I looked at the last one but, from the 1st steps, it seems too complex.

Did you get it from PyPI?  ?

Last I heard Andy Robinson of reportlab had made it work with Python3.0,
so you might ask him about bizarre crashes.

You might also want to look at kivy, which works on desktops as well as
on mobile devices.  Get the examples directory and run the demos to see
if what it can do looks like what you want.


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