From logging to files to a better solution: syslog, Sentry, Logstash, ....

Thomas Güttler hv at
Wed Sep 9 10:33:56 CEST 2015

Up to now we use simple logging to files.

We don't use syslog or an other server based solution.

I am unsure which architecture works for our environment.

Our environment:

 - django based applications
 - a lot of batch/cron jobs (non web gui) processing
 - One linux server runs several systems. Each system has its own virtualenv.
 - servers are running in the intranet of our customers. 
 - We have access via VPN, but it is slow. And sometimes down for some minutes.
 - 40MByte logs per day per server.

Why we are unhappy with logging to files:

 - filtering: We don't want to get INFO messages over the VPN.
   Background: Sometimes a there is too much logging and we don't want 
   to pull gigabytes over the VPN.

 - Rotating: Rotating files is possible, but somehow cumbersome.

 - Support structured logging of values (json) in the future.

I have not locked at  Sentry or Logstash in detail.

Which solution could fit for our environment?

Please ask if you have question!

  Thomas Güttler

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