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Thu Sep 10 05:58:26 CEST 2015

    This is not a question about python. It is a shell question. I'm 
sorry to bother you. But I really want to know it. As follow:
    I want to set a shell environment variable:PYTHONPATH. When i 
executeecho $PYTHONPATH, it is 
Now, I want to add value to it. The value is all files in a folder with end. For install, directory(/var/app/python/libs/) include,, and so on. So I want to add 
value:/var/app/python/libs/, /var/app/python/libs/,
/var/app/python/libs/ to environment variable:PYTHONPATH. I execute 
cmd: export PYTHONPATH='/var/app/python/libs/*zip':$PYTHONPATH, but its 
value is not correct. So, how can i do this? My program use setenv to 
set environment variable.
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