Python handles globals badly.

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> >I also doubt there were more programming languages around in the
> >1970s than now, on the grounds that there were far fewer people
> >capable of writing a compiler or interpreter in those days, and
> >there were far fewer tools to help, or easily accessible knowledge
> >about how to do do it.
> 	Yet there were enough assorted semi-specialized languages in use on
> military programs to induce the DoD to run the competition for a
> singular language -- which became Ada.

And which should be noted that it has been a rather spectacular failure 
in the commercial market.  Does that mean that those who can code in Ada 
are working only for the military's suppliers, and because they are a 
scarce commodity, writing their own paycheck? I don't know, other than 
no one is publically bragging about it.

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