Python handles globals badly.

Random832 random832 at
Sat Sep 12 07:07:52 CEST 2015

Mark Lawrence <breamoreboy at> writes:
> How do I access these pointers?  Is there a builtin called pointer()
> that's analogous to id()?

You access them *all the time*. They are the *only* thing you access.

But if you want... pointer = lambda x: return x

> I'll ask again, where do pointers come into
> the Jython and IronPython models?  How do I access their pointers, the
> same builtin?  The fact that the underlying implementation language
> has some terminology that it uses, has no bearing on the actual
> language being implemented.

I am not using "pointer" as language-specific terminology, I am using it
as *the* name of the concept we are talking about. The Java and .NET
runtimes *don't* use that terminology, but they still *actually* have
pointers, in the same way that Python does.

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