Python handles globals badly.

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sun Sep 13 04:32:36 CEST 2015

On 09/11/2015 11:22 PM, Skybuck Flying wrote:
> I didn't learn anything from this posting, sorry ! ;)

I too am not surprised.  You're not here to learn, either about
programming language theory, or about Python apparently.

I would refer you to a good programming language theory class, but I
suspect you're not interested in learning formal definitions and theory.
 The terms I used here are all from formal programming language theory,
particularly the term "binding." If you're interested in it, this topic
makes for a fascinating class. I loved my programming language theory
class at uni.  We used scheme to explore language construction and to
build our own programming language.  Cool stuff.

I'm truly sorry you aren't interested in learning the underlying
theories of things, or the reasons for certain aspects of the language.
 To me Python's ability to enable so many different programming
paradigms, and to bring some of the coolest parts of LISP and Scheme to
a language for the masses is really cool.

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