Python 3 unbuffered IO

cjermain at cjermain at
Wed Sep 16 19:09:50 CEST 2015

What is the best way to determine if a file object is unbuffered?

In Python 3.4, if I open the file with buffering=0, I get a FileIO object.

>>> fh = open("tmp", "rb+", buffering=0)
>>> fh
<_io.FileIO name='tmp' mode='rb+'>

Is the FileIO object always unbuffered?

If I open it without buffering=0, I get a BufferedRandom.

>>> fh = open("tmp", "rb+")
>>> fh
<_io.BufferedRandom name='tmp'>

Should I just compare the file object class to determine buffering?

Ultimately, I'd like to determine when a file object is unbuffered to fix an issue in a CPython section of numpy.

Thanks for your help!

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