foldername change killed python

Frank Huurman huurmanfrank at
Thu Sep 17 01:45:03 CEST 2015

Heya, I just uninstalled Python 3.5 so I can reinstall it with the default

Took me a day to figure out why my extra modules weren't importing in
py2exe properly and why the Python for windows extensions kept on telling
me I didn't have Python 3.5 installed while in fact I did.
It wasn't a well known 64 bit/32 bit case this time but the fact that I
installed Python 3.5 to C:\Python35

and changed the name to C:\Python 3.5

After that everything just went haywire cause the python for windows
extensions where looking at the wrong folder and stuff was telling me that
Python 3.5 didn't exist while IDLE was just sitting there in my start menu.

It's a stupid thing but I know for sure a lot of people are going nuts
because they did something like I did today.

Kind Regards,

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