True == 1 weirdness

Jussi Piitulainen harvesting at
Thu Sep 17 09:06:37 CEST 2015

Gregory Ewing writes:

> My problem is that I find it difficult to remember that Python
> considers 'in' to be a comparison operator.
> To me, comparison is something you do between things of the same kind,
> whereas 'in' is a relationship between things of different
> kinds. Calling it a comparison is like comparing apples and
> oranges. Or apples and baskets of apples, or something.

Ordinary binary operators not only combine things of the same type, they
also produce a thing of that same type. So 'in' does not fit among them

I feel it's _more_ at home among comparison operators. (Hm. That's
'operator' in a different sense.)

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