Packaging and deployment of standalone Python applications?

Chris Angelico rosuav at
Thu Sep 17 09:38:43 CEST 2015

On Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 5:24 PM, Christian Gollwitzer <auriocus at> wrote:
> IMHO this is one of the lacks of CPython. Distributing source is not always
> practical, especially if the project involves modules written in C, or a
> large number of 3rd party libraries. To provide linux binaries as .rpm and
> .deb, as suggested elsewhere in this thread, is even more cumbersome than
> binaries in this case - you'd have to set the right dependencies for a huge
> variety of distributions, such that the package manager pulls, e.g.
> "python-pillow" on one distro and "libpillow" on another etc. A well
> maintained portable distribution for all major platforms could substantially
> ease that out.

If you want to know what's state of the art there - and even more so:
if you want to push the state of the art - join the distutils-sig
mailing list:

This is where these kinds of questions will be discussed, and
(hopefully!) solved.


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