pyserial and threads

pozz pozzugno at
Thu Sep 17 15:26:52 CEST 2015

Il 17/09/2015 11:42, Chris Angelico ha scritto:
> On Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 7:28 PM, pozz <pozzugno at> wrote:
>> At startup I open the ports and create and start a thread to manage the
>> receiving. When a byte is received, I call the .write() method for all the
>> other ports.
>> It works, but sometimes it seems to block. I think I haven't used correctly
>> the threads.
> Seems a fairly reasonable model. From what I'm seeing here, you start
> a thread to read from each serial port, but then those threads will
> make blocking writes to all the other serial ports. Is it possible
> that one of them is getting full?
> When I do this kind of thing with TCP/IP sockets, I usually end up
> having to go non-blocking in both directions, and maintaining a buffer
> of unsent text for each socket. You may find that you need to do the
> same thing here.

How to have a non-blocking write?

Maybe the problem happens when port 1 thread is in .read() (it blocks 
for 1 second) and port 2 thread tries to write one byte (that was just 
received) to port 1.

> Where's the code getting blocked?

I don't knwo exactly. I can only see no more bytes are received on COM 

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