Shutting down a cross-platform multithreaded app

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Sat Sep 19 01:56:17 CEST 2015

"James Harris" <james.harris.1 at> writes:

> Needless to say, on a test Windows machine AF_UNIX is not present. The
> only cross-platform option, therefore, seems to be to use each
> subthread's select()s to monitor two AF_INET sockets: the one to the
> client and a control one from the master thread. I would seem to need
> IP socket pairs between the master thread and the subthreads. If the
> master thead receives a shutdown signal it will send a shutdown
> command to each subthread.

There is socket.socketpair() on Windows too (since Python 3.5)

Note: you could use select() to handle signals in the main thread too
(even on Windows since Python 3.5) if you use signal.set_wakeup_fd()

It is known as a self-pipe trick

Look at *asyncio* source code, to see how to get a portable
implementation for various issues with signals. Some issues might still
be opened e.g., Ctrl+C behavior

Here's how to combine SIGCHLD signal handling with tkinter's event

SIGCHLD, createfilehandler() are not portable but the code demonstrates
possible set_wakeup_fd() issues and their solutions (O_NONBLOCK, dummy
signal handler, SA_RESTART, signal coalescing).

On threads and signals in CPython

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