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Baladjy KICHENASSAMY baladjy at
Sun Sep 20 23:11:20 CEST 2015

well one more question :/

i tried this

def save():
colormode='color')["ps2pdf", "-dEPSCrop", "", "test.pdf"])

i got the ps file but i didn't get the pdf file :/

2015-09-20 21:52 GMT+02:00 Laura Creighton <lac at>:
> In a message of Sun, 20 Sep 2015 21:32:34 +0200, Baladjy KICHENASSAMY writes:
>>ohhhh ok i got it
>>actually it's very easy the commande is :
>>ps2pdf -dEPSCrop
>>sorry but i'm new to python  my last question is how to integrate this
>>to python... i want that the output file must be a pdf ?
>>1) i created a button which i'll save my id card as "ps" file
>>def save():
>>    Canevas.update()
>>    Canevas.postscript(file=tkFileDialog.asksaveasfilename(), colormode='color')
>>2) so now i want to create a button to convert this "ps" file into "pdf" ....
>>def convert():
>>   help :/
> You need to run the subprocess module to run your command.
>  (for python 2)
> (for python 3)
> is this enough or do you need more help getting it to work?
> Laura

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