A photo/image/video sharing app in Python

Cai Gengyang gengyangcai at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 17:16:06 CEST 2015

Hi ChrisA,

1) A system where users can upload photos/images/videos of their loved ones and family onto the web-based app (It's going to be web-based website) 

Creating a web site using Python is pretty easy. Grab Flask, Django, etc, and off you go.Uploading files isn't difficult, although since you're working with large files here, you'll eventually need some beefy hardware to run this on (free accounts might not have enough storage and/or bandwidth to handle lots of users). 

---- Sure , sounds good.

2) A system where where the users can then edit these photos/images/videos into short , funny cartoons/videos 

This one's a bit open-ended, but more importantly, it needs a lot of front-end work. Editing images in Python code won't be particularly hard; but letting your users choose how those images are put together? That's going to require a boatload of JavaScript work. How good are you at front-end design and coding? 

---- No experience at all. Guess I'll have to learn Javascript to do this. I'll also need the capability to let users edit their photos/images and videos into great looking real-time cartoons based on themes (what technologies would I need to learn to create this?)

3) A system where users can create an account with username/password/log in information 

Subtly tricky to get right if you do it manually, but trivially easy to get someone else to do the work for you. Grab something like Flask-Login and the job's done. 

---- Ok , sounds good

4) A system where users can then share and publish these pictures on the website itself using their account and also link and upload onto other traditional social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts and also onto their other handheld devices like IPhone , Apple Devices, Samsung handphones etc 

Fundamentally, all this requires is stable URLs that people can post. That's pretty easy (esp if you're using a good framework). Making sure they work properly on mobile phones is generally a matter of starting with something simple, and then testing every change on lots of devices. It's a bit of work, but nothing unattainable. 

----- Ok, sounds good

Your hardest part is #2, and sadly, that's also the part that makes or breaks this service. Without that, all you're doing is recreating FTP. So that's what you have to think about: Can you write all that front-end code? This will not be simple; it'll be a pretty big project. 

----- Yup, I'll have to find a way to make it work really well. The user must have the capability to create and design really good-looking real-time video-cartoons that they can then share with other users. It's going to be what differentiates my product from other services (as far as I can tell, no other site currently in existence has such a capability) 

Guess the first step I would need to do is to create a basic website in Python using Flask, Django then ....

Cai Gengyang

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