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you have 10 minutes😂 Good luck!!

1. What is PEP8 ?

2. What are the different ways to distribute some python source code ?

2 Lists

Let's define the function plural :

def plural(words):
    plurals = []
    for word in words:
       plurals.append(word + 's')
    return plurals

for word in plural(['cabagge','owl','toy']):
    print word

Question : How could the code of the function plural be optimised?

3 Dictionaries

Here are two dictionnaries :

input = {
    'foo1': 'bar1',
    'chose': 'truc',
    'foo2': 'bar2',
output = {
    'bar1': 'foo1',
    'truc': 'chose',
    'bar2': 'foo2'

Question : Propose a function that returns output when you provide input ?

4 Iterators

Let's consider this program :

def program_1():
    yield 1
    yield 2
    yield 3

g = program_1()
a = list(g)
b = list(g)
c = g()

Question : At the end of the program,

1. What is the type of g ?
2. What is the value of a ?
3. What is the value of b ?
4. What is the value of c ?

5 Decorators

Let's consider now :

def str2print(f):
    def str2print_wrap(*args, **kwargs):
        s = f(*args, **kwargs)
        print s
   return str2print_wrap

def hello(s):
    """ Return "Hello $s" """
    return "%s %s" % ("Hello", s)

Questions :

1. Decorate the method 'hello' with 'str2printf' and write the corresponding code.
2. What is the effect of the decorator on a call to the new method 'hello' ?
3. What is the return value of hello.__doc__

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