Postscript to pdf

Christian Gollwitzer auriocus at
Wed Sep 23 08:40:58 CEST 2015

Am 21.09.15 um 17:20 schrieb Baladjy KICHENASSAMY:
> Hello,
> This is my programe : on mac i was able to output ps file but i didn't
> got the pdf file :/

Maybe ps2pdf is not installed? I think it doesn't come with the Mac. You 
need to get it via fink, homebrew, macports or an official ghostscript 
binary. The same holds true for convert, which is a tool from ImageMagick.

Yet another option would be to wrap the pdf4tcl library:

It can create PDF from a canvas without an external dependency. The Tcl 
code for it looks like this:

> package require pdf4tcl
> set size [list [winfo width $win] [winfo height $win]]
> set pdf [pdf4tcl::new %AUTO% -paper $size -compress false]
> $pdf canvas $win
> $pdf write -file $fn
> $pdf destroy

In principle, you could run this code via Tkinter.eval()
You would need to set "win" to your canvas path and "fn" to the file 
name path.

Yet another option would be to use a Python package like Reportlab to 
create the PDFs, which requires you to reimplement the drawing code.


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