Learning Modules, Arguments, Parameters (imma noob)

MRAB python at mrabarnett.plus.com
Thu Sep 24 21:25:55 CEST 2015

On 2015-09-24 19:45, codywcox at gmail.com wrote:
> I seem to be having a problem understanding how arguments and parameters work, Most likely why my code will not run.
> Can anyone elaborate on what I am doing wrong?
> '''
> Cody Cox
> 9/16/2015
> Programming Exercise 1 - Kilometer Converter
> Design a modular program that asks the user to enter a distance in kilometers and then convert it to miles
> Miles = Kilometers * 0.6214
> '''
First of all, it looks like your indentation is slightly off because
"def main" line is that the left margin and the other 2 "def" lines and
the "main()" line aren't.

> def main():

You're not passing anything into 'get_input', neither are you saving
any result that it might be returning.

>     get_input()

You're not passing anything into 'convert_kilo'.

>     convert_kilo()
You're defining 'get_input' to accept 1 parameter 'kilo'. Why? You're
assigning to 'kilo' in the first line, so any value you _did_ pass in
would be ignored.

>   def get_input(kilo):
>     kilo = float(input('Enter Kilometers: '))
>     return kilo
You're defining 'convert_kilo' to accept 2 parameters. You're using the
'kilo' parameter, but not the 'miles' parameter because you're
assigning to it on the first line, so any value you _did_ pass in would
be ignored.

>   def convert_kilo(kilo,miles):

'kilo' is already a float, and you're multiplying it by a float, so the
'float' call is pointless.

>       miles = float(kilo * 0.6214)
>       print( kilo,' kilometers converts to ',miles,' miles')
>   main()

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