Learning Modules, Arguments, Parameters (imma noob)

Cody Cox codywcox at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 20:50:10 CEST 2015

Awesome guys! Thank you for helping me understand this material. Parameters and Arguments are tricky. Looks like its mainly a game of connect the dots with variables. lol.

When you return a variable, it needs somewhere to go, and that's why it goes to the next call into the argument area if I need to use that piece of information for a calculation, right?

so if I understand correctly, when I create a function and return a variable, that variable needs to go in the argument when it is called? or into another functions argument for calculation? 
I apologize if I sound dumb. lol. I know this must be very elementary.

Yes this is a homework assignment, but I was trying to figure out how parameters and arguments work, not get an answer, this was a huge help. I will keep looking over your details over and over to make sure I understand.

Appreciate all the help and understanding! :)


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