Learning Modules, Arguments, Parameters (imma noob)

Larry Hudson orgnut at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 26 07:55:13 CEST 2015

You've already received a lot of answers and guidance, but here is on more point...

On 09/25/2015 12:03 PM, Cody Cox wrote:
>      this I am not sure about, I set Kilo=get_input(kilo), ...

Watch your capitalization!  Kilo is _NOT_ the same as kilo.  Case is significant in Python (as 
well as in many other programming languages).

Also, as has already been pointed out:  what you want here is kilo=get_input().  Along with the 
corresponding change to the get_input() definition.  This function does NOT need a passed parameter.

     -=- Larry -=-

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