PY3.5 and nnumpy and scipy installation problem

Steven D'Aprano steve at
Sat Sep 26 08:20:25 CEST 2015

Hi Ek, and welcome, 

My responses below your questions.

On Sat, 26 Sep 2015 01:43 pm, Ek Esawi wrote:

> Hi All—
> I am a beginner in Python and new to this list, but I am an experienced
> programming in a few other languages.
> Last year I installed numpy and scipy for Python3.3 on my computer with
> windows 7, 64 bit OS. Today I downloaded Python3.5, but I the installation
> for numpy 1.9.2 or 1.9.3 nor scipy 0.16.0 did work on the same computer.
> Basically the setup for both numpy and scipy did not work. Any ideas are
> greatly appreciated.

While we are very knowledgeable, what we don't know is what went wrong. Can
you describe what you mean by "did not work"?

Preferably, if an error message was printed, please COPY and PASTE (don't
retype, especially not from memory) the error message?

If some other error occurred (Windows crash, computer caught fire...) please
describe it.

It may help if you explain the exact commands you used to install. Did you
use a text-based installer from the command line, or a GUI?

The more information you can give, the better the chances we can help.



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