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Jeff VanderDoes jeffvanderdoes at
Sat Sep 26 23:40:12 CEST 2015


I'm fairly new to Python and was excited to start playing with it until I
ran into need to compile some extensions under windows 7 64 bit.  I've done
some searching but after more hours than I care to count being unsuccessful
setting up MS visual studio (2015, 2012, and 2010) with service packs and
SDKs I can tell I'm spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast.

After trying to search through archives and the net I get some things that
are really old or are unique to their situation but just not what I would
expect for such a widely used language.

Are there any instructions/pointers that someone could point me to to be
able to set up visual studio for use with python.  I figure I'd just start
with 3.5 but have tried under 3.4 and even went back to 2.7 with no luck.
I see I'm not the only one with frustration with the error about not find
vcvarsall.bat and the like.

Thanks for your help!

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