Installing pywin32.

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I will give the team viewer ID of my machine so can you please install the pywin32 module to me.

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 On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 10:39 AM, <ashwath at> wrote:
 > Hi
 > I am pleased with your reply thanks for it.....
 > System environment is like this
 > OS - windows 7 64 bit machine.
 > Python - pywin3.5
 Where did you get it from? I don't know of any product named
 "pywin3.5". There's 'pywin32' (as in 'Python interface to Win32',
 available from and Python 3.5 (as in
 'CPython 3.5.0 for Windows', available from
 > even pip is not installed if I run pip its shows like pip command not found.
 Installing pip is an option in the Python 3.5 (and 3.4, and 2.7.10)
 installer. If you didn't select it, it won't be installed. You can
 try running 'python -m ensurepip' to install pip after the main
 installation of Python.
 > From which path I have to run this python -m pip install pypiwin32
 Doesn't matter; as long as the 'python' command can be found and that
 Python has pip installed, this command will install pywin32 into the
 global site-packages directory of that Python.
 Also, I should have directed you to `py -m pip install pypiwin32` to
 make use of the Python Launcher, which is always on PATH (if it was
 installed, it's also an option in the installer).
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