Create a .lua fle from Python

Ariel Argañaraz arielin82 at
Mon Sep 28 23:41:09 CEST 2015

This is my first post, I would like to know if a library that can help me
with this.

I want to parse a XML fle with Python and save the data into a Lua table
called for example "newTable", then I want to create a "table.lua" fle with
the "newTable" write on it.

for example:

the XML fle: cities.xml


And  I want to create a cities_temp.lua file

cities_temps ={
["Buenos Aires"] = 30,
["Seatle"] = 25,

Is that posible to do with LUPA ( In
the docs I read that you can create lua tables but I did not see if there
is a way to create a .lua file with that table.

I could do it with python writing to a file line per line but i want some
more elegant.

Can anyone give some help?


Ariel Argañaraz
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