Asyncio -- delayed calculation

Frank Millman frank at
Fri Dec 2 09:26:30 EST 2016

"Steve D'Aprano"  wrote in message 
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> My first impressions on this is that we have a couple of good models for
> preemptive parallelism, threads and processes, both of which can do
> everything that concurrency can do, and more, and both of which are
> significantly easier to understand too.
> So why do we need asyncio? What is it actually good for?

As I have mentioned, my use-case is a multi-user client/server system.

The traditional approach used to be to use threads to allow multiple users 
to work concurrently.

Then Twisted made a strong case for an asynchronous approach. One of their 
claims (which I have no reason to doubt) was that, because each user 
'session' spends most of its time waiting for something - keyboard input, 
reply from database, etc - their approach allows hundreds of concurrent 
users, something that I believe would not be possible with threading or 

Frank Millman

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