python 2.7.12 on Linux behaving differently than on Windows

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Dec 5 17:38:26 EST 2016

On 12/05/2016 01:35 PM, BartC wrote:
>>> It seems shell language authors have nothing better to do than adding
>>> extra quirky features that sooner or later are going to bite somebody
>>> on the arse. Mainly I need a shell to help launch a program and give it
>>> some basic input; that's all.
>> I think you'd quickly find that such a shell would be very non-useful.
> For about five minutes, until someone produces an add-on with the 
> missing features.

Which will re-implement everything you stripped out. :)

As I've gotten older I've learned the truth of this quotation:
"Those who do not understand UNIX are condemned to reinvent it, poorly."
-- Henry Spencer

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