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> On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 8:38 AM, Lew Pitcher
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>> The OP asked for the runlevel, not the systemd target.
> Runlevels don't exist in systemd. And systemd targets don't exist in
> Upstart. The question "what runlevel are we in" does not make sense
> unless you're using an init system that works on the basis of
> runlevels (eg sysvinit).

I repeat: The OP asked for the runlevel, not the systemd target.

That should tell you that an answer involving systemd "does not make sense".

To the OP: as others have said, the file
contains various records, including the RUN_LVL (runlevel) record. You can
find some documentation in utmp(3), including a record layout, and an values

I don't know that python includes a standard or builtin method to parse the
utmp file; to retrieve the runlevel, you may have to code your own access
routine as part of your python code, or resort to invoking an external
program like who(1).

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