Detect Linux Runlevel

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Mon Dec 5 18:12:34 EST 2016

On Mon, 05 Dec 2016 15:39:24 -0700, Michael Torrie wrote:

> On 12/05/2016 03:34 PM, Wildman via Python-list wrote:
>> Too bad I don't speak C.  I am an amateur programmer and most or all
>> my experience has been with assembly and various flavors of BASIC,
>> including VB and PowerBASIC.  I did look over the code but I guess
>> I'm just a rebel without a clue. <g>
> May I ask what you are trying to accomplish?  Why does the runlevel matter?

Of course you may.  It is part of a program I'm working on
that reports different information about the Linux system it
is running on.  A program similar to inxi.  And I am trying
to write it without using external programs, where possible.

I am a hobby programmer and I've been trying to learn python
for a few months now.  The program is 'worthlessware' but it
is a 'learning experience' for me.  A friend wrote a similar
program in Bash script and I have been working on translating
it to Python.

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