Detect Linux Runlevel

Bernd Nawothnig Bernd.Nawothnig at
Mon Dec 5 19:14:35 EST 2016

On 2016-12-05, Wildman wrote:
> And I am trying to write it without using external programs, where
> possible.

That is not the Unix way.

> I am a hobby programmer and I've been trying to learn python
> for a few months now.  The program is 'worthlessware' but it
> is a 'learning experience' for me.  

It looks for me like a worthless learning experience.

> A friend wrote a similar program in Bash script and I have been
> working on translating it to Python.

Stay with shell script for such tasks. It is never a good idea to
choose the programming language before closer evaluating the problem.


No time toulouse

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