python 2.7.12 on Linux behaving differently than on Windows

Cameron Simpson cs at
Tue Dec 6 21:52:56 EST 2016

On 06Dec2016 23:37, BartC <bc at> wrote:
>(Actually at this point I haven't got a clue as to how Unix applications are 
>distributed. I guess it's not as simple as just providing a binary executable. 

Given that UNIX systems run on many many different processors, this has limited 
utility :-)

>For the moment, I'm using C source code as every Unix system has a C compiler. 

Feh. Obtainable, generally yes. Provided initially, not always.

>I suppose it could be Python source too, but I doubt if my interpreters 
>written in Python will run quite as briskly -- I find C slow enough for this 

Depends on the task. C does make for more performant code, but at the expense 
of higher programmer effort. I find Python fits many situations for me. Of 
course not _all_ situations.

The performance trick with interpreted languages (shell, Python) is often to 
offload intensive things to special purpose noninterpreted components, be those 
separate executables or linked in libraries. Use the interpreted portion for 
orchestration and abstraction.

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