python 2.7.12 on Linux behaving differently than on Windows

eryk sun eryksun at
Tue Dec 6 22:50:27 EST 2016

On Wed, Dec 7, 2016 at 1:30 AM, Dennis Lee Bieber <wlfraed at> wrote:
> (Bah... win10 seems to share parts of the PowerShell console config with
> the old command prompt -- making it nearly impossible [at least in the
> three days I've been on Win10 after the Win7 drive failed] to configure
> PowerShell to look different from the command prompt)

If the console was started from a shortcut, then you're modifying the
shortcut's console settings. If it was started in a new console by
running an executable via Win+R or cmd's `start` command (e.g. `start
powershell`), then the settings are persisted in a subkey of
HKCU\Console. In this case, pinning the icon to the taskbar creates a
new shortcut that uses the default config. You'll have to customize
this pinned shortcut as well.

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