python 2.7.12 on Linux behaving differently than on Windows

Ben Bacarisse ben.usenet at
Wed Dec 7 10:25:57 EST 2016

BartC <bc at> writes:
> [...] But remember:
>   cp *.c
> There might be some irate users out there if it can't detect a simple
> user error like that.

There might be.  They are ill-served by current Unix shells.  But,
oddly, the flow has gone the other way.  People have wanted Unix shells
and utilities ported to Windows, not cmd.exe and friends ported to
Linux.  You clearly see a gap in the provision here.  Wouldn't it be
better for the world if you wrote cmd.exe for Linux rather than
complaining about what other shells do?

> OK, I understand. Having a program launcher indiscriminately transform
> input A into A' is /much/ better than having it done by the program,
> even if the program doesn't want it and it is not meaningful.

Yes, you've explained that you understand the value of such
transformations, it's just that the ones you like happen to be exactly
those in cmd.exe.  You are very lucky that cmd.exe happened to get
exactly the right interpretation of the input or you would be raining
against /every/ shell on both systems.


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