"Best" websocket implementation for Python 2.x?

Skip Montanaro skip.montanaro at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 11:26:07 EST 2016

I've recently inherited a small bit of code which uses websockets. I think
the package it uses is Horoki Ohtani's package dating from 2010. I have v.
0.34.0. Looking on PyPI, I see another websocket package (not Ohtani's)
with a version of 0.2.1 (also dating from 2010, I believe).

These two packages would appear to have stalled. Looking around, I also

websockets - Python 3.3 or later

There are probably others I haven't yet stumbled upon. (I'd continue poking
around PyPI, but it seems the server is having problems.)

Any suggestions as to which version is "best?" I leave it to you to decide
what "best" means to you. Having never used websockets before, I'm not sure
what criteria to use.



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