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On 2016-12-11 21:29, Wanderer wrote:
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>> > I have an outdoor thermometer that transmits to an indoor receiver at 433Mhz. I also have a 433Mhz USB serial port jig from a TI development tool. I would like to use the TI USB serial port to capture the temperature information. The TI USB port registers as a COM port that I can access with pySerial. Now the datasheet from the temperature probe only says that the RF frequency is 433MHz and that it transmits every 39 seconds. Since I don't know what protocol the thermometer uses or baud rate, I want to look at the rawest level of data collected with the USB com port and see if I can make anything out of the gobbledy gook coming in. Is there a way to get this kind of data from pySerial? I've tried scanning at different baud rates but so far I haven't captured anything.
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>> > Also in the advanced settings in windows device manager, there are some settings for Fifo buffers, and receive and transmit buffers. Can these be accessed in pySerial? Does pySerial override the settings for baud rate, etc in windows device manager or do I need to set those to match what I'm using in pySerial?
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>> What is the make and model of the thermometer? Is the datasheet online
>> somewhere?
That datasheet says """This product is compatible with various wireless 
weather station products."""

OK, so that suggests that there's a standard of some kind somewhere.

Googling for """wireless weather station protocol""" gives:

Reverse engineering wireless weather stations

and that page leads to:

TX29 Protocol

Good luck!

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