Running python from pty without prompt

Random832 random832 at
Wed Dec 14 09:28:50 EST 2016

On Tue, Dec 13, 2016, at 19:10, Steve D'Aprano wrote:
> Can you show a simple demonstration of what you are doing?
> I'm having difficulty following this thread because I don't know
> what "script run on a tty" means.

The question is literally about the input/script being the tty and not
redirected from any other file, which causes an interactive prompt in
CPython, but does not do so in some other languages. I don't understand
what part of this you're not getting.

> I thought that with the exception of scripts run from cron, any time you
> run a script *or* in interactive mode, there is an associated tty. Am I
> wrong?

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